The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is developing the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) for the Greenvale North Part 2 Precinct, in Melbourne’s northern growth corridor. This outlines the layout of roads, shopping centres, public transport corridors and other key infrastructure for new communities.

As part of the VPA’s process, Melbourne Water prepares concept drainage strategies for future urban development, called Development Services Schemes (DSSs). These identify the drainage infrastructure and stormwater treatment assets needed so that new developments meet current standards for flood protection, water quality, waterway health and amenity. A DSS also determines what financial contribution developers must pay Melbourne Water to fund the necessary drainage and stormwater quality treatment works.

The Greenvale North Part 2 PSP area is within the Yuroke Creek DSS 4360 that ultimately drains towards the south into a catch-drain bordering the Greenvale Reservoir, through the Greenvale Reservoir Park and into Yuroke Creek West Branch.

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Concept drainage strategy and supporting information

The following report and information has been used to inform the concept drainage strategy for the Greenvale North Part 2 PSP. To view the draft PSP, visit the VPA website.

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If you have further questions about the concept drainage strategy, contact Melbourne Water:
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Consultation on the draft plans for the Greenvale North Part 2 Precinct has now closed. For further updates, visit the Engage Victoria website.