Moderation policy

Let's Talk is moderated by Melbourne Water, Social Pinpoint and its agents. We moderate the site in order to create a productive and safe environment where people can engage with a project or each other without feeling intimidated.

All content submitted by users of this website is screened prior to being posted (pre-moderation) or immediately after being posted (post-moderation). The moderation tool used depends on the project and the type of engagement. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content that has been posted on our site.


Moderators must review and approve content before it is posted onto the site. This means that a user’s content may not immediately appear on the site while the moderators are reviewing it.


The user’s content is immediately posted on the site and then reviewed by moderators. In some cases, submitted content may no longer appears on the site while it is being reviewed. If the moderator finds that the content violates the community guidelines or participation rules, it will be rejected and the user may be notified via email.

Think positively about your participation. This is an opportunity for you to input your ideas and contribute to the project.

  • Contribute constructive discussions and comments. It is okay to disagree with something or express concern, but do it in a way that is respectful. Keep comments focused on the issue or topic.
  • Be informed about the issues. It is a good idea to read through the content of the project page and other comments before giving feedback. You may even want to do your own research. This will help create a healthy and robust debate.
  • Be thoughtful and kind in your responses. Respect the views of other people, even if they are different than your own. Avoid rude and dismissive comments.
  • Create a safe space for others. Only post content that suitable for anyone to view (including young children) and avoid offensive language.
  • Only post what you have permission to. Ensure you have received permission to post any images of other people or intellectual property. Do not share personal information about other people.

All comments are subject to the following rules. Moderators may edit or remove content submitted by a user that does not meeting these rules.

  • No do post comments that could be considered a personal attacks on other individuals, including Melbourne Water staff
  • Do not sharing personal information about another individual
  • Avoid offensive or defamatory language
  • Do not post comments that are discriminatory of people’s gender, race, religion, culture, sexual preference, appearance or background
  • Do not post links to any advertising or illegal material
  • Avoid posting multiple comments as these may be considered spam.

Persistent breaking of these rules may result in the suspension or deletion of a user's account.

Please note that some project may have their own participation rules in addition to what is listed here. These will be on the project page so please make sure you have read and understood these before making a contribution.

If you have any questions, or experience any technical issues with moderation, you can send an email to [email protected].