What we heard

During phase two of the engagement, we asked the community to consider three design concepts which were developed based on previous feedack.

314 people completed the online survey and voted on their chosen concept designs with community feedback providing valuable insights into each of the design concepts as well as the recreation benefits the Moonee Ponds Creek offers.

Concept design C was the most popular receiving 135 community votes. 31% of all people voted that the installation of the pond at Oak Park is the most important aspect of this concept design.

5 local community information sessions attended by approximately 140 people.  Engagement with 3 local sports clubs.  1 schools engagement session.  314 survey responses were received in phase 2.  527 contributions overall during phase one and phase two.  8,820 YourSay views overall.

Results by Demographic.  Aged 0-9 0.6%  Aged 10-19 1.6%  Aged 20-29 8.0%  Aged 30-39 26.4%  Aged 40-49 25.8%  Aged 50-59 18.5%  Aged 60-69 13.1%  Aged 70-79 4.5%  Prefer not to say 1.6%

Word Cloud showing which plant or animal would you like to see return to the Moonee Ponds Creek in order of importance.  Platypus, growling grass frogs, fish, frogs, rakali, native plants, hummingbird, indigenous trees, kookaburra, dragon flies, marigolds, fishes and marine life, water rat, shrub wrens, coots.

Open Space Results.  What are your preferred options (treatments) for the three open space areas?  The top three community choices will be delivered.  Biodiversity Zone 256 Votes.  Quiet Reflective Space 226 Votes.  Cultural Space 185 Votes.  Educational Space 115 Votes.  Picnic Space 100 Votes.  Exercise Space 60 Votes.

Of the three design concepts which was the most preferred.  Design Concept C received 135 community votes ahead of Design Concept B with 122 community votes and Design Concept A with 57 community votes.

The most important aspects of Design concept C (as ranked by the community).  Installation of pond at Oak Park Reserve.  Opportunity to interact with the waterway.  Separation of shared path along Brosnan Crescent.  Upgrade of walkways around Oak Park.  Daylighting of Oak Park stormwater drain.

Community quotes included.  "I think this design offers the best connectivity for the community and has the opportunity to make Oak Park Reserve and the creek a real destination."  "Separating the bike and pedestrian paths, installation of a pond at Oak Park and I like the idea of the vantage point at Ethel Reserve."  'Better natural outcomes over a short section, allowing future high quality natural outcomes."  The difference concepts all naturalise a significant length of the creek, but I am not fussed about the exact length.  I'm most excited by the idea of a pond and the daylighting of the Oak Park drain."  "It is really important for the people to be able to engage with the water and to understand that they can influence how the creek behaves by how they manage their water use and their litter etc."  "A pond and weirs are important for slowing down water flow and making the creek more natural."