What we heard

During Phase One engagement, we asked the community how they currently use the space, and what future improvements are important to enhance the creek channel and make the surrounding area a desirable open space for the community to enjoy. In particular we asked for feedback around five key themes; sustainability, safety, recreation, accessibility, and community connection.

From the 212 comments we received, environmental sustainability was the top priority for the community, capturing the importance of naturalising the creek and improving biodiversity of the area. Other community priorities included:

  • improving cyclist and pedestrian safety to make sure community can safely use the area.
  • enhancing recreational spaces such as improved picnic and BBQ facilities for friends and family to utilise.
  • the importance of ensuring the space is accessible, safe and enhances the connection to the creek and surrounding areas for the whole community to enjoy.
We used this feedback to shape three design concepts for how the area can be transformed. We are now seeking your feedback on these designs. Feedback closes Sunday 5th September.

Engagement summary

A snapshot of Phase One engagement

Two online community information sessions, attended by 63 community members. Of the phase 1 participants, 47.91 per cent were female, 48.37 per cent were male, and 3.72 identified as other. The highest age groups participating were 35 to 44 year olds at 30 per cent and ages 25 to 34 at 25 per cent.

8 per cent of respondents supported greater community connection in the designs. 11 per cent of respondents supported improving accessibility as part of the project. 14 per cent of respondents supported more recreation space. 39 per cent of respondents supported environmental sustainability

What you said

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