The Flood Management Strategy Port Phillip and Westernport 2021 – 2031 was co-designed with local government and key agencies. During the strategy’s development, it was acknowledged that councils have different levels of skills and expertise. Identifying and bridging these skill gaps is vital to effectively plan for and manage flooding in the region.

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2024 sessions

2024 session recordings

Capacity Building Session 1: adaptive planning (11 June 2024)

Capacity Building Session 2: Innovative Flood Solutions (18 June 2024)

Capacity Building Session 3: Multi Benefit Solutions (20 June 2024)

Capacity Building Session 4: Asset Management 101 (25 June 2024)

Knowledge sharing sessions

Knowledge sharing session - permeable paving toolkit (9 May 2024)

2023 sessions

2023 session recordings

Session 1: Introduction to flooding + Flood Resilient Guide (6 September 2023)

Session 2: Water sensitive urban design and other opportunities that link to flood management (4 October 2023)

Guest speaker: Dr Natalie Barron, Principal Water Officer, and Dr Vassiliki Boulomytis, Senior Water Officer City of Port Phillip.

Session 3: Introduction to flooding (planning) (13 October 2023)

Session 4: Climate change impacts coastal and non-coastal catchments (1 November 2023)