Retarding basins are low-lying areas of land that play an important role in reducing flood risk by slowing down the flow of stormwater during heavy rainfall. We manage three retarding basins in Glenroy and are exploring how they could provide new open spaces for the community. The three retarding basins are:

  • Box Forest Road retarding basin
  • Campbellfield Creek retarding basin
  • Jack Roper Reserve (CSL) retarding basin (currently open to the public)

Opening up these retarding basins would provide the local community with additional spaces to exercise, relax, socialise and connect with nature. If this occurs, it will not compromise the retarding basins' primary function.

  • What you told us about the Glenroy basins

    In August 2023, you shared your thoughts on the Glenroy retarding basins and your hopes for their future use. We're now reviewing your contributions and using them to develop the draft concept plan - click follow at the top of this page to stay up to date.

    Read a summary of community feedback 

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About the retarding basins

The Melbourne Water retarding basins are located in the north-east corner of Glenroy, near Hume Highway and the Metropolitan Ring Road.

Browse the map below to see the location of the retarding basins. Type an address into the search box to see where you live or work relation to the sites. You can switch the highlighted layers on and off by clicking this icon in the top left of the map.