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Get to know the Super Sewage Precinct

History of the Spotswood Pumping Station

Click the arrows below for a snapshot of the Spotswood Pumping Station's past.

Spotswood Precinct projects

Frequently asked questions

The Hobsons Bay Main Sewer is a critical part of Melbourne’s sewer network, transferring around 30 percent of Melbourne’s wastewater to the Western Treatment Plant.

The existing sewer was first constructed in the 1960s, it is now reaching the end of its service life and needs to be restored.

The major sewer upgrade works are necessary to protect our future and will provide a significant increase in system capacity to cater for Melbourne’s growing population.

This project is part of Melbourne Water’s commitment to protecting Melbourne’s bays and waterways from environmental harm and ensuring the reliability of our sewer network.

The duplicate sewer tunnel is being tested in preparation for the sewage diversion so that restoration works can start on the original pipeline. The project is expected to be completed by late 2024.

Then we’ll start work on the restoration of the existing sewer and the Northern Air Treatment Facility upgrade to support the new sewer mains pipeline.

Smells coming from our sewerage works is caused by opening up the maintenance holes and using ventilation fans along the sewer line.

How are we addressing odour?

For any sewerage works, steps are taken to help reduce the odour impact of our works on the local community. This includes:

  • air quality testing undertaken regularly to ensure we are meeting all EPA air quality standards
  • temporary carbon filters are utilised when the existing air treatment facilities are decommissioned, in an effort to reduce the smell while we are completing the upgrade works
  • our contractor often installs a mist spray next to the ventilation fan to help reduce the odour. The mist spray consists of a mix of water and a natural plant composition that neutralises and masks odour.